Thursday, 23 August 2012

Central Bulgaria and Sofia

From Sozopol we drove to Veliko Tarnovo. On the way we stopped in the hills to enjoy a great view while having breakfast/lunch :) The tour took us longer than expected and we stopped at a camping spot in Dragijevo... the best camping place I have ever seen. The owners - two British - are super friendly. We had a huge pool overlooking the surrounding highlands. Food was delicious... overall so amazing setting that we stay for two nights :D
After hanging around the pool and enjoying the sun we made an evening trip to Tyravna and later Veliko Tarnovo. Tyravna was not as expected... overall, there was kinda nothing to see... at least the route offered some good views. In Veliko Tarnovo we walked through the city towards the castle. Bulgaria's cultural capital is indeed a nice place. On a hill between two valleys the city offers great views. The streets have flair and the setting sun made it even better. But staying at the pool during midday's heat also had its downside... the castle was closed already.
The next day we visited the Troyan Monastery on our way towards Sofia. It has lush gardens and the paintings are awesome.
In Sofia we parked our car and went sightseeing through the city before we checked for a hotel. Sofia's cathedral is absolutely amazing! Overall the city appears rather small. Nice to see was an active alternative youth spending their time in the city center (we didn't see such in other eastern capital's centers). Later we checked for a hotel and found a nice 4 star hotel for 100eur... which is not bad for 3 people. However, when we went there the room suddenly was 240eur... hence we booked online for 100 and then came back^^ Internet is just the best :P The hotelier right offered us to book grils for our room - not the last of such offer to come this evening... we said we'd rather have a shower first and will see later :) We then went into the shopping district for some well tasting dinner. Then we got on a taxi towards the party district (with quite a strange taxi driver non-stop talking about how he likes to f*** girls)... the locations and music was nice, but unluckily the semester was pausing and subsequently all the students - most of the party folk - were out of Sofia. After declining another plenty offers we went to sleep and then enjoyed the breakfast buffet before we drove towards Macedonia.

making breakfast/lunch overlooking the hills of central Bulgaria

the best camping place I've ever seen... overlooking the highlands from then pool
castle sitting right above the valley of Veliko Trarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo's cathedral
unluckily the entrance to the castle was closed...

Troyan monastery - a relaxing place

Sofia's stunning cathedral

resting to check the route :)

these ads rock :)

the place to be for Sofia's youth

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