Monday, 20 August 2012

The Bulgarian coast

Breakfast, short recovery and subsequently we made our way towards Bulgaria. Some shopping on the way before we crossed the border. The day was short and we went to Albena - the golden beach - to sleep there. We had an excellent debut when in one hotel Danny shouted to Ben that he found the toilette and Ben was running for it (all communication with perfectly strong German accent), when we recognized that everyone was staring at us... guess what - mostly Germans :)
We parked our car, enjoyed dinner and set our sleeping place at the seaside of a Kid's jumping castle right at the beach... which provided well cover from the wind. First sleep under the cope of heaven this trip^^ We finished the day with another beer and went to sleep. The next morning a great sunrise and an approximately 60 year old beach boy woke us up. The latter appeared quite angry about us sleeping there :P It kinda looked like he was about to kick our asses, until he found out that we were Germans... all of a sudden he welcomed us as great guests :D However, we went further down the beach, enjoyed breakfast and got back on the road... not too long - right as we left Albena police was waiting for us... luckily just because one of our lights was broken. A short discussion fixed it and we felt lucky not paying a fine :)
We drove to Varna and took a walk through the town... visited Varna's nice cathedral, ate icecream down the shopping street and slandered through the park. The city is nice but not extraordinarily... people seemed to like Germans and mostly preferred to speak German, rather than English :)
After Varna we drove to Nessebar. Probably the most touristic place in Bulgaria with it's ancient ruins. However, the place was filled with tourists, the streets were filled with bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and hostels. The streets are cozy, if not filled with tourists. We were disappointed... our parents obviously experienced a different Nessebar 30 years ago. As we were running a bit short in time we skipped Burgas and went strait to Sozopol. Even tho the city is packed with tourists it retained a comfy flair and the lighted fortified coastline looks amazing at night. After dinner and a few beer we slept at the beach 15min walk outside the city. The next morning we finally had our first swim in the black sea... sadly the water quality is not the best. Lots of algae, but low concentrations of salt. After the swim we left the coast and drove towards central Bulgaria.

border crossing Rumania-Bulgaria

Sunrise at Albena

Varna's cathedral

old fashion ads - I like them :)

The statue of an ancient fisherman - entrance of Nessebar

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