Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dubrovnik and Herzegovina

In the morning after our "fun" at the border, we visited Dubrovnik. The fortified medieval town with its narrow streets is simply gorgeous. Quite touristic and overpriced... but still enjoyable. You can spend all day slandering through the small ways. And a good breakfast before we continued towards Bosnia and Herzogovina.
We entered Herzegovina and enjoyed views on the great landscape from the empty roads. We made our way to the waterfalls for Kravice, which seem to be a great place for wealthy families to escape the summer heat. Some climbing and an ice cream later we drove towards Mostar. There we wandered through town to see the Unesco heritage site of the famous Mostar bridge. The flair was made perfect by the setting sun. We didnt even mind all the souvenir shops around and visited a photo gallery before having dinner at the river. The river front is amazing as the riverbed is left nearly unspoiled. At night we drove to Sarajevo and found a hotel after some tries^^ Ben and I went to see the bar scene in Sarajevo... but somehow most was close... we still were able to get some cold beers in one Erasmus/student place :) The following day we explored Sarajevo.

view over Dubrovnik

slandering through Dubrovniks old city

view over Dubrovnik's roofs

the road through Herzegovina
Kravice waterfall

famous Mostar bridge

don't forget about history

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