Thursday, 16 August 2012

Dracula castles and Curtea de Arges

After spending the night listening to dog fights around our tent, we visited Rasnov castle (15.08.). Not fancy, but some nice views over the mountains... they could have made more out of it - maybe if they spent the money for the Hollywood-like letters for restaurations instead ;) Bram Stoker's set for his Dracula novel - the famous Bran castle - was next on our route. A gorgeous setting, but hordes of tourists kinda ruined the great ambience. Also the Romanians seem to dislike all the Dracula hype somehow... and they are right - the region has so much of its own to offer :) We then continued over the roads of Karpaden (Fagaras) mountains, which offer amazing views, to friendly Curtea de Arges - hub between the mountains and Bucharest. Curtea de Arges houses a fancy russian orthodox cathedral. A small city full of young folks - good place for some nice bar evening^^

Rasnov castle
Bran castle - Dracula's
nice spot to enjoy our melon snack :D
Curtea de Arges' russian orthodox church

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