Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bengkulu - the colonial flair

August 21st we arrived in Bengkulu after a 12h bus ride through horrible road conditions. We were exhausted after the ride as if we were working the whole day^^
After some good sleep we visited the colonial town of Bengkulu, first owned by the British and later given to the Dutch. Obviously they had a good taste... that influenced the city in a very positive way. See the pictures as a proof :P
Bengkulu had a nice stretch of beach, but due to waves and no shade on the beach, it was not the best choice for swimming and relaxing^^
Once again our celebrity status seemed to rise even more... at the British fortress we landed on pictures of a whole school class :) And when walking on the beach people stopped at the street, went out of there car/motorbike and ran to us asking for a picture :P
We enjoyed our 2 days in Bengkulu.. the great weather helped it ofcourse :)

British fortress
the kids watching and photographing us all the time^^
entrance to the governor house
church and the superb sky
quite a nice mosque :)
busy market

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