Saturday, 18 September 2010

Surakarta - the bad looking twin of Yogijakarta

The 06.09. brought us to Solo (old Surakarta), which was historically the captial of the second big kingdom, next to Yogijakarta.
We started our sightseeing tour here with a visit to Solo's palace (Kraton), which surrounding area offered some nice architectural views, thanks to European influence. The Kraton itself offered not much but the family tree of the Southerns (kings) and some Hindu statues. Overall Javanese identity and culture appears pretty flat to us.
Afterwards we made our way to the city's markets. Probably the highlight of the day was the milkshake we had on the way. The city appeared very unfriendly compared to all the others before.
Finally we visited a second small palace which biggest attraction to us was a bench in the garden :P
guide at the Kraton and I :)
old coaches at the Kraton
simply Solo^^

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