Saturday, 18 September 2010

Malang - a hidden beauty

A sudden change in plan brought us to the city of Malang, which we didn't intend to visit in the first place.
The city is a laid back beauty not many tourists get to. After our arrival at midnight we discovered the city on the next day (08.09.).
We started our route with a chinese buddhist temple before seeing a market, which turned out to be an alpha version of a shopping mall.
Next we found ourselves in the nice little park of the town. Which provided us some coffee and hot waffles while watching a group of old men funnily comparing their jewellery and enjoying themselves.
After some great early lunch at McD (yeah, blame us :P) we made our way to the bird market of the town. And wow... this one looked like we expected the one in Yogijakarta to be. A market integrated in the little streets and even on a bridge over the river... simply a great atmosphere here.
The flower market was just behind the bird market but the scenery changed completely as we came from a busy market flow into some lush gardens with ladies cutting the flowers.
The town hall was not too impressing but with the park infront and the good atmosphere in the whole city, it appeared friendly as well :)
A long walk to the millionairs row was supposed to be the end of our tour. Some good looking villas and an army museum lined along an alleè of palm trees.
As we couldn't find a taxi, a local picked us up for the way back to our hotel. At the afternoon we left the town to go for Probolinggo as we wanted to climb Gunung Bromo.

old men in a healthy discussion in Malang park


Malangs's bird market

really busy :)

the flower market

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