Sunday, 5 September 2010

Pangandaran - short rest on the beach

After the Gunung Gede experience we had 1h rest before taking a bus together with Tristan from Cipanas to Bandung. After sunset we arrived in Bandung and right away took the next bus to Pangandaran. 6h later we arrived in Pangandaran at 1:40am in a tropical rainstorm :) But with the help of some becak drivers we managed to reach our guesthouse without being totally wet.
After a good sleep we explored the main beach, which was rather disappointing. But we spotted some fine stretch of beach in the national park, which is where we ended up spending our afternoon :)
The main beach is not worth it, but still Pangandaran is one of the most famous beach destinations on Java. At least the national park offered some nice beach, even if the water was not too good there.

the main beach with quite big waves
look who lives in the park :P
that is a nice beach at least :)
good sunset too :D

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