Saturday, 18 September 2010

Probolinggo and the way to Gunung Bromo

After arriving at the bus terminal (08.09.) we bargained hard with the Bromo-tour salesmen. But we decided to walk to a hotel and do the climb on our own.
The city appeared as a stretch of Indonesian highway dotted with some houses at the sides.
We were lucky getting a completely new hotel with hot water for an ok price :) A hugh dinner, hot shower and an included breakfast... so our way to Bromo could start.
But local transport up the mountain was less easy than we imagined. So it took us 3h and some discussions until we reached the start for our track. We gave our "park entrance" to the driver, so he drove us directly there and showed us how to get in without paying^^
So once we arrived, what to expect? As we know from our climb to Gunung Gede, we are not lucky when it comes to volcanoes and weather. We saw nothing from the sky but clouds and just 2 of the 5 mountains. Luckily the crater of Bromo was one of them... but guess what... that partial luck we paid after 1h walking with some heavy rain :P
After a short stop at the temple to the mountains foot we climbed the crater and had some good views of the inner crater and the surrounding moon-like area until the direction of wind changed and the clouds of sulphur were haunting us :P
So we started our way back through the rain and enjoyed a hot coffee before our driver picked us up.
Back to the warm lower regions we made our way to Surabaya.
Gunung Bromo (left)

the way up

the active crater
quite a way :P

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