Saturday, 18 September 2010

Surabaya - another city^^

First we wanted to skip Surabaya, but after reading over it for a little longer we decided to give it a chance. So after Bromo we visited the city at the last day of Ramadan (09.09.).
As we arrived pretty late only dinner was to be eaten before we went for a sleep. The next day (10.09.) we did a small sightseeing tour to experience the city while Idulfitry (the holidays after Ramadan). But unluckily we didn't think of that most shops and attractions are closed during that time :(
First we crossed a bridge which was a big fighting place for Indonesias independence before seeing the government office which offered a nice mix of European and Javanese architecture.
Reaching the Sempoerna cigarette fabric we recognized the unluckiness about Idulfitri - it was closed.
So we made our way to through the china town, which market was closed as well. But the arab quarter just next to it was full of life.
Some great neighborhood with fine houses and all visiting each other to celebrate the end of Ramadan.
The sightseeing was finished with a small chinese buddhist temple before making our way to Mataram, Lombok.
governor house


chinatown #1

arab quarter #1

chinatown #2

arab quarter #2

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