Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day 3 and 4 - Tirta Gangga, Southeast coast and the far south

We continued our ride down south east. But the whole day took us for the drive.
After seeing that the far east coast looks not as promising as it was described we stayed over night in Tirta Gangga - a hill village overlooking rice fields.
The next morning we enjoyed the view over the rice fields from a fine restaurant. Then we visited the water palace in the village which had a lot of charm.
We made down our way along the southeast coast, entering 2 seaside temples (Pura Batu Klotek and Pura Masceti). Then we drove down to the far south of Bali visiting Pura Uluwatu which was located on a stunning scenery right on the cliffs over the ocean.
Finally a short visit to Balangan beach to watch some surfers before we brought back the car and went for a loooonnnnng sleep :D
Hindu ceremony on the way

morning at Tirta Gangga

rice fields and Gunung Agung in the background

good view while enjoying breakfast

stylish water palace

good taste the king had :)

statue at Pura Masceti

Pura Ulawatu - awesome view from the cliffs over the ocean

yes quite a way down there... no step further ;)

Balangan beach

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