Saturday, 18 September 2010

Borobudur and Prambanan - the world herritage sites

04.September we visited Borobudur by public transport at early afternoon. The place obviously was pretty touristic. We hired a becak each and started visiting 2 small temples before going for the main attraction.
Inspired by the small versions we entered the big temple of Borobudur. We climbed up the temple and enjoyed the superb view. It is perfectly positioned to overlook the surrounding area and see some mountains in the background. The light of the late afternoon sun made the atmosphere stunning.
Too many tourists... but well, what to expect on a place like this^^ A hord of university students came to take photos of us... here we were again - the celebreties :D
The way down from the temple brought us through a maze of souvenire shops... interesting idea, but doesnt work on us :P

The next day we visited the hindu temples of Prambanan. not as spectacular as buddhistic Borobudur but still worth a short visit.
It was surrounded by some nice parks and not as crowded as Borobudur. But unluckily most of the temples was destroyed by the 2006 earthquake.

celebreties with students :P

quite big the temple of Borobudur

the right light for this scenery

stunning view

temple of Prambanan

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