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Ajay Devgan Body Workout And Diet Schedule


Ajay Devgan Body

Real Name: Vishal Veeru Devgan

Name: Ajay Devgan

Birthday: April 2nd, 1969

Marital status: Married to actress Kajol.

Price: 2 National Film Awards for Best Actor, Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut etc.

His height is 5'10 "and weighs about 70 kg.

-It was probably the first Bollywood personality to acquire an aircraft for transport to shooting locations, promotions and personal trips.


With his intense eyes and his famous reticence, Ajay Devgan stands out in the hustle and bustle of tinsel town.
He is an award winning actor who has also directed and produced several films.
Ajay Devgan was born in a Punjabi family Veeru Devgan, a stunt director and Veena Devgan who is known to have produced a film.
 Anil Devgan, his brother, is a director of Hindi cinema. On 23 February 1999 he married actress Kajol Hindi.
Ajay Devgan made ​​his debut in Bollywood in 1991 with Phool Aur Kaante. The film is still known for his introductory scene.
The secret of his eyes was attributed to his strict diet and workout grilling


Ajay Devgan has followed a rigorous training routine that consist of an hour and 15 minutes of weight training, which is followed by cardio.
Within an hour of weight training Ajay does not take rest and performs all cardio exercises.
His coach said he wanted Ajay to look like "Kurt Russell".

Ajay Devgan Body Workout

Ajay Devgan clearly sought to six pack abs. But he and his coach realized that it can be easily achieved by eating and doing a lot of cardio exercises but without abs good body shape, chest and arms would be useless.
So he focused on parts of the body for a lean and muscular body.


Ajay Devgan wanted a lean and muscular body so he followed a diet low in carbohydrates and compensates loading up on carbs after training. 
His new trainer Prashant is a strict diet for him. It consists of lots of protein and low in carbohydrates.

Ajay Devgan Body Workout And Diet

Ajay Devgan was very fond of fitness and already has a good physique. So it was not at all a big effort to get it into shape for his role in Singham.
Add to the fact that Ajay has followed his regime to the point, it was not really a headache at all. But once a week, he was allowed to eat whatever they want as coke or French fries.

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