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Vidyut Jamwal Body Workout And Diet Secret


Vidyut Jamwal

Name: Vidyut Jamwal

Date of Birth: December 10, 1978

Height: 5' 11''

Weight: 72 kg

Vidyut Jamwal a forthcoming Indian film actor well known martial artist and model who was born on December 10 of the year 1978, Jammu and Kashmir , India.
In the year 2011 , Vidyut Jamwal began his career in the city featured in the B Nishikanth Kamath directed "force" with John Abraham , Raj Babbar , Genelia D'Souza and Raj Babbar .


Vidyut Jamwal does not follow the most proven methods , but follows its own methodology of physical training .
It uses only the gym for strength training . And it also only 4 or 5 times a week.
Gym workouts to Vidyut Jamwal focuses primarily on the shoulders and legs.

Vidyut Jamwal Body

The actor believes that the human body has its own wisdom . Thus, for tweaking , we need to work and engage in physical activities on a regular basis .
Vidyut training hours are set. The actor follows a training regime dedicated a day for about 2-3 hours.


Vidyut Jamwal believes in eating every taste Salt sugar in the right balance will be beneficial to health . If they cant balance in their diet , it can not be fit by him.
Vidyut believes that the concept itself is an imperfect system and when you stop dieting they become fat again. Instead we should take a balanced diet.
He also believes that being fat is not a sin. Be healthy and fit is more important.
Vidyut about four meals a day. It avoids fatty foods and soft drinks. The actor has been a vegetarian since age 14 .

Vidyut Jamwal Body Workout

But he has no regrets and believes that being vegetarian is much healthier. It also helps to maintain a mentally agile .
It does not adhere to a strict diet. The typical healthy Indian meal he believes must contain a summary of all the basic tastes , sweet, sour and salty.

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