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Emraan Hashmi Body Workout And Diet


Emraan Hashmi

 Name: Emraan Hashmi

Birthday: On March 24, 1979

Marital status: Married to Parveen Shahani , has a son , Ayaan .

Before starting his career as an actor , Emraan had worked with Vishesh Films as deputy director .


Six years in Bollywood Emraan Hashmi won the title of "serial kisser " due to a surplus of scorching , lingering , fleeting kisses that his roles have demanded of him , ensuring that he is still request.
Emraan Hashmi was born to Anwar Hashmi and Maherahh .
His father is a Muslim and a Catholic mother . He studied animation and graphics from Sydenham College in Mumbai.
Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt is his uncle and actress-turned- director Pooja Bhatt is his cousin.
Emraan Hashmi made ​​his film debut in 2003 with pedestrian , which did not do well at the box office .
He and his co-star Mallika Sherawat shot to fame with the thriller , Murder (2004) , which became a super hit at the box office .


Emraan Hashmi work 5 times a week. It is not in the hardcore workouts .
Emraan just want to be fit, he said " it's health is in good health and not have such a building necessarily muscles.
Emraan Hashmi  training for two days and then take a break on the third day . he repeat once again this calendar .
he do strength training . exercise one hour which consists of cardio and weights .
Emraan Hashmi also practice yoga once or twice a week.
His training program works for two days, then take a day off, then back to work for two days.
he simply follows a strength and endurance diet and exercise for one hour. His training is a mixture of cardio and strength training .
he also stretches while doing yoga around 2 times week. Working at the gym was disciplined.


Generally, Emraan take chicken or mutton in his lunch, but these days , he is on a vegetarian diet.
His lunch consists of 2-3 chapatis , daal , vegetables and curd while dinner usually contains daal , a vegetable and two chapatis .
Take a light dinner is good for health. I honestly believe that healthy food is the key to a fit body . Besides, a good sleep is also important.
Emraan not indulge in fast food , alcohol and sweets as much as possible . He eats about five to six small meals a day to complete his training.

Emraan Hashmi Body

While he does not end up eating too little and feeling faint . He eats chicken , oats , fish , butter, bread, egg whites with meal, eat rotis , 4 eggs and an apple with his diet.
And it takes a alteast sleep seven hours in a day.

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