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Akshay Kumar Body Workout And Diet Secret


Akshay Kumar Real Name: Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia

Name: Akshay Kumar

Birthday: On September 9, 1967

Marital status: Married to Twinkle Khanna, with one son Aarav .

Price: Padma Shri , the fourth highest civilian award in India by the Government of India, Rajiv Gandhi Award for Outstanding Achievement in Bollywood .
Filmfare Award for Best Comedian etc


With its clean cut beauty and martial arts training , Akshay Kumar made ​​a smooth transition from an action hero to a romantic hero and then into comedy .
keeping movie buffs glued to their seats in anticipation of what Khiladi has to offer next .
Akshay Kumar was born in Amritsar, in a Punjabi family. His father was a government employee.
Kumar was then raised in Delhi before moving to Mumbai, where he studied at Don Bosco School and then Guru Nanak Khalsa College.
He studied martial arts in Bangkok and worked as a chef. He then came back to Mumbai , where he started teaching martial arts.
One of his students told him to do modeling and some modeling assignments later, Kumar was offered a role in the movie Deedar (1992) and as the main actor.

Akshay Kumar Body Workout And Diet


Akshay rarely takes his ability for granted. He disagrees with dieting.

He argues that the secret of his physique is healthy home cooking. However, it eats like a glutton.

It emphasizes a balanced diet. He gave up drinking , smoking and partying in his life.

Another amazing fact about his plan is that he has never even tasted tea or coffee.

He carefully refrains from nicotine or caffeine.Eat as often as possible.


Akshay gets up early in the morning and practice kickboxing and martial arts when he gets the time .
Akshay said martial arts helps to keep the shape and removing stress) .
Akshay Kumar plays basketball three times a week .
He changed his training exercises periodically to maintain interest .
Akshay Kumar also plays the yoga and meditation as they help to maintain internal and fitness balance.
Akshay Kumar also goes for swimming .


With the workout routine and healthy diet there is another very important factor, responsible for his condition . This factor is called "Discipline" .
It is known as one of the most disciplined actors in Bollywood .
Akshay Kumar Body Workout

He believes " Early to bed and early to rise makes a healthy and wise ." He wakes up early in the morning 5am , take early lunch 11:40 and dinner from 8 pm .
Akshay Kumar never missed a single workout routine , even if he is having a very busy schedule .

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