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Prateik Babbar Body Workout And Diet


Prateik Babbar Body

Birthday: The November 28, 1986

Height: 5 '8 "

Marital Status: Single

Awards: Filmfare Special Jury Award and Stardust Award for Breakthrough Performance Male . He appointed Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor and the price of Star Screen Best Male Newcomer promising.

Trivia: Prateik is a Marathi by birth. He was born in the prominent Bollywood couple late actor Smita Patil and actor-turned- politician Raj Babbar .


Rising star calm and composed in Bollywood stepped into the shoes of his parents, finally, after a series of persistent advertising in collaboration with different companies.
He made his television debut in the same announcement of the chocolate company Nestle Kitkat .
Assistance from one year to ad filmmaker Prahlad Kakkar , served him the value of his fortune. It has even been awarded and recommended him to other organizations advertising.


Prateik Babbar Body WorkoutPrateik Babbar is very careful about the type of food he eats or craving that pops into his mouth.
A source said that the actor follows a strict diet , not only to keep fit and healthy , but also to focus more seriously on his career as an actor.
His diet is pure protein - it has a protein shake every two hours , adding about five to six shakes a day. 
To clear all the protein down, he has five liters of water.
He's only home-cooked food , not greasy at all. The only carbohydrates , it is permissible is an oatmeal and toast bread rich in fiber in the morning bowl.
His first breakfast is an omelette of 4 egg whites, and four or five hours , he has another omelet 3 egg whites  It is cooked vegetables, steamed or chicken with Italian herbs, garlic and olive oil for lunch and dinner fish.
Ryan(Pratiks Trainer) insists that Prateik eats only fresh herbs and no powdered masalas to avoid ingestion of plastics.
Ryan has calculated his protein intake such as Prateik can not miss even one meal and gets her dose of anti-oxidants , vitamins and minerals through supplements .
Ryan went with him to ensure his commitment is unwavering .


Prateik would dedicate time for fitness, even though he was not an actor . " I love feeling fit and strong ," he said, especially when it comes to his love for her child niece Zoƫ He jokes that he did not need weapons to deter potential suitors.

Prateik Babbar Workout And Diet

The body type is ectomorphic Prateik , so the challenge is to not let the very thin air. That is why his diet includes very little carbohydrate and intense work-out to make sure it burns .
To maintain muscle density, Prateik exercise routine includes very little cardio - " because it has very little fat to burn ," said Ryan.
It 's only two minutes of this, three times per week - 10 minutes on the conveyor belt and 10 on the elliptical
 Monday -  chest
Tuesday  - biceps, Upper abs
Wednesday  - Back

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