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Sonu Sood Body Workout And Diet Routine


Sonu Sood

Name: Sonu Sood

Birthday: July 30, 1973

Marital Status: Married to Sonali

Price: Nandi Award for best villain for Arundhati

Trivia: While Sonu Sood belonged to a background non - filmy , but aspires to become an actor since his childhood life , a dream that has finally completed .


This model turned actor belongs to Moga in Punjab. Sonu Sood comes from a family where his father is a businessman and her mother is a teacher and his family has no connection with the film industry . 
He has two sisters and studied at the school of the Sacred Heart in the town of Moga .
An engineering graduate in electronics YCCE Nagpur, Sonu Sood made ​​his first performance in Kallazhagar film that became a hit at the box office .
His first film for bollywood cinema happened with Shaheed -e- Azam Bhagat Singh , which earned him rave reviews .


The sculpted body of Sonu Sood does not come without effort.  Sonu Sood  said: " I ​​never cheated on my gym routine or on my diet.
I avoid oily stuff , try to eat low fat healthy things even when I am on outdoor shoots and exercise every day! " But ask the actor if it is on an outside position and the star said :" So I just take long walks There are times when we shoot outdoors where there is no possibility of a gymnasium .

Sonu Sood Body Workout

So either the morning before the shooting or after we meet , I run or go for a long walk.
Exercise is something I can not do without today . " And what is the one thing in your diet that avoids ? " Rice , "says the actor , adding," I must have eaten rice just maybe two or three times a year! "

Sonu Sood Body And Diet


I am vegetarian but eat eggs and do not smoke or drink. So my diet includes plenty of protein such as lentils , grains and legumes.

I drink two protein shakes a day and avoid junk food .
For breakfast I had an omelet made ​​from 8 egg whites

Lunch is roti, dal , curdled milk and vegetables .

In the evening , I have a brown bread sandwich and dinner is usually soups , salads, vegetables and rotis .

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